The CBS System is constantly up-dated with the latest technologies. This has made it possible that more than 70% of all construction processes can take place at the CBS factory.

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Nanotechnology Surface Coating

Surface coating is another innovative method used by the CBS System: A phosphate based coating system is used, which has been known for some time but could so far only be applied when heated. Due to the continuous research and development, resulting in constant upgrades; the CBS System found a way which enables cold hardening of the phosphate inks.

The new molecular structures can be compared to chain armour: They are flexible, enable occupants to breathe and provide excellent protection against external influences. This new technique has lead to the development of various products, optimally adapted to diverse climatic and geographic conditions.

The patented chemical bond with the raw mineral materials forms a stable skin which is solidly bonded with the surface area. Starting point for this innovation is the use of nano-technology, which enables the hardening without heating. The resulting CBS coating system is designed to optimally cater to a wide variety of individual needs.

The industrial production process allows for various processes to take place at the CBS Factory:

  • Installation according to architectural plans of all electrical equipment, CBS Climate Control wall elements, and plumbing
  • Window- and door frames are installed into wall elements
  • The surfaces of the bottom of the ceiling elements and the interior wall surfaces are coated with a thin layer of mineral based plaster at the factory and are thus ready to be painted and/or wallpapered
  • The outside wall elements are treated with a mineral flush
  • Cutouts, and openings in wall elements are accurately formed by blocking them out during the encasing of the building elements on the belt conveyor system

Research and Development

The CBS System is a proven technology with which hundreds of houses, mainly in Germany, have been build. The System has been developed during a period of over 30 years. Testing of the first element prototypes started in 1980 by the University of Karlsruhe. Since 1986 numerous tests have been conducted by the various German Universities. After 20 years of research and development, a significant step was taken when a fully computerized system was established.