CBS buildings are custom made to withstand any local conditions

  • The flexible CBS buildings do not oppose the forces of nature, instead they are custom-made to absorb the acting power of extreme local conditions such as earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes. For instance, if an area has a high danger of earthquakes, the house is anchored into the ground. The stronger the potential earthquake danger is, the larger the anchors are. Furthermore, a shock absorption layer can be build between the concrete slab and the building
  • The density and type of concrete is adaptable to custom fit to any location- and requirements. This is also possible within one single building element; which can have high-density core surrounded on both sides by substantially lighter concrete
  • Climate control systems can be integrated within walls
  • The steel frames embedded in the concrete walls are galvanized (coated with zinc which cannot rust). This prevents concrete walls from decay caused by cracks, due to rust of steel elements, which is the leading cause of deterioration of buildings made with reinforced concrete
  • Nanotechnology glass coatings, which smoothens the surface of the glass on a molecular level, can be used to provide dust repellent, easy to clean glass surfaces
  • Heat absorbing and heat reflective glass coatings can be used