Key Result Areas:

  • Developing and producing a product that is safe and compliant with the highest industry standards
  • Employing properly trained personnel in a safe work environment

How do we ensure Customer Satisfaction?

CBS has a very high regard for customer service, which is unparalleled in this sector of the industry. We believe it is essential that the customer feels that he or she is being treated with the utmost care, urgency and respect. To this end, customer relations and service levels are of paramount importance.

CBS International has adopted a corporate strategy dedicated to improving the performance of partners projects. We achieve this by building our core strengths of innovative technology, design engineering and site management techniques, within an environment of quality control and high safety standards to ensure full costumer satisfaction.

For people who desire high-quality living with all the technological developments available, only CBS homes will be able to fulfill their needs and desires at a very affordable price. Each occupant basically requires the quality, convenience, safety, comfort and technological amenities of a CBS home. We are committed to customer satisfaction for many years after tenants have entered their new home for the first time. The overall aim is to build homes that foster an atmosphere of quality living and value for money.