Our Objectives

  • To construct environmentally friendly buildings by utilizing just one main building material
  • To ensure high quality modular construction units
  • To allow individual architectural freedom with the use of uniformly manufactured building elements
  • To enable shorter construction time by manufacturing building elements on a production line
  • By applying the objectives mentioned above, achieving a considerable construction cost reduction, compared to traditional construction methods
  • CBS fosters the ideals of customer needs, linked to a professional commitment to service excellence

The Challenge

  • Architects face far reaching and ever changing challenges
  • There is a major demand for an efficient, fast and cost effective method of construction
  • The architecht must design for maximum flexibility: the method of construction must allow future changes
  • The buildings must offer comfort and allow for all aspects of modern living
  • The design must fulfill current local concepts of aesthetic appeal

The Solution

  • The CBS method of modular construction consists of connecting building elements on-site
  • All structural elements are designed in strict compliance with the highest technological standards in the industry
  • This systematic method of building saves time, money and allows maximum flexibility to meet individual requirements
  • It permits construction in separate and individual stages with limited use, or even without heavy equipment such as hoisting cranes