The CBS System is an ultra-modern, innovative modular construction system based on a patented combination of lightweight concrete in a special configured sheet steel structure. All CBS building elements consist of a load bearing galvanized steel frame structure in specially shaped sections, encased in the CBS factory, by aerated concrete. This supporting and strengthening concrete core consists for around eighty percent of enclosed air and the natural aggregates of water, cement, silica sand.

The main carrying structure of the wall elements consists of light steel sections. Distribution of the weight is accomplished with vertical carrying beams which are encased at the top and bottom with the specially shaped steel profiles. The, cold-formed, steel sections provide the structure with the primary support function. The lightweight concrete serves as stabilization of the steel sections and absorbs forces of pressure. It also fulfills all thermal-, sound- and fire protection requirements.


Before the development of the CBS System it was not possible to effectively build concrete structures with good conductivity values, as densities of 1,600 kg/m³ had to be used to enable the building’s strength. To make these buildings energy efficient additional insulation measures had to be taken, which is not only time consuming and cumbersome but also expensive.

In order to comply with ever more stringent statutory energy saving regulations, the density of the concrete had to be reduced to 400 kg/m³. This was achieved by replacing a large portion of concrete with air and adding a thin steel profile to meet all structural requirements. The patented light steel frames enables the strength of the CBS building components, making it possible to create static-heavy-duty residential buildings by using only light, well insulating materials.

By using the CBS System we have control of the contingent of air; regulating the apparent density inside the concrete mixture. The process is completed and monitored in accordance with the design implemented with the CBS software.