By using the CBS System we have control of the contingent of air; regulating the apparent density inside the concrete mixture. The process is completed and monitored in accordance with the design implemented with the CBS software.

No other massive- or lightweight construction system has such a diversified spectrum of use: from extremely expanded lightweight walls (beginning at 4 kN/m3) to the compact and heavy massive walls (up to 25 kN/m3).

By using the CBS System, massive-elements with high density (basements, bracing-cores), are combined with lightweight construction walls (upper storey, ancillary supporting walls). Economically, this is particularly advantageous for multiple storey domestic- and standardized office construction.

Flexible Design

CBS structures are Custom Made for a particular function and design, enabling a wide range of variations to meet the most demanding requirements.

Moisture protection, vapor permeability and acoustical insulation induce a pleasant and comfortable interior climatic environment. CBS Safety standards are stringent. All known fire protection regulations are met in full since the modules consist of non-combustible materials only. With these basic conditions having been met in every CBS structure, the focus is naturally shifted to individual design as well as functional requirements and preferences.

The CBS System consists of various elements which can be used in conjunction with each other. This provides architects with an immense scope and ample possibilities to design attractive and individual structures by utilizing the range of options the CBS System offers such as different surface finishes for external walls, horizontal and vertical solar facades and the wide variety of roof shapes.

Herewith complete projects can be developed to include all facilities needed for a highly comfortable living environment.

With the CBS System a diversity of housing projects can be accomplished, varying from basic low cost housing units to high-tech luxury building projects.