During construction, the pre-cast structural building components are joined together to form the module. In order to construct a strong solid structure, the formation of strong connection points is essential. Therefore, the component parts are methodically assembled by using a system of slot and key connections.

The wall-, ceiling- and roof elements are connected with the adjacent building elements and the foundation, fastened to each other with steel wire rope straps. After the elements are connected the perpendicular U-shaped junctions between the wall elements, as well as the bonds between the ceiling- and roof elements, are filled with concrete, which completely solidifies the structure. The lifting forces are absorbed by the mechanical fastenings in the wall supports and additional connection materials and the shearing force is evenly distributed by the lightweight concrete.

The calculated forces of pressure on the building-shell construction are set very precisely at assembly. The necessary load-bearing capacity inside the supporting wall- and ceiling elements can be adjusted in appropriate variations to it.

Modular Construction

The detailed constructive planning in the run-up phases and the use of specialized assembly crews, trained by experienced CBS engineers, ensures a smooth, systematic building process.

The systematic modular construction method allows separate and individual stages of building enabling maximum flexibility to meet individual requirements. The lightweight concrete wall elements permit construction on remote site locations, with a minimal, or even without, use of hoisting cranes. Due to individual construction techniques, the building process can continue during various weather conditions.

Post Processing

To institute conformity of the wall-, ceiling- and roof elements, in-depth inspections are carried out, starting with implementation of the building’s design into the CBS CAD software to the production in the factory, assembly and post processing at the construction site, where in-depth inspections are carried out for all manufactured structures. This is done in strict accordance with the provisions of the general building inspection certification. This method establishes not only time- and money savings but also high accuracy and easy manageability.