The CBS International B.V, holds the exclusive rights to a state of the art German Modular Construction Method: The CBS System. The Company’s management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. CBS (Compound Building System) will maintain an environment and structure that encourages productivity and respect for customers as well as employees who are delegated tasks based upon their specialty and training.

CBS has a very high regard for customer service: Customer relations and service levels are of paramount importance. The primary objective at CBS is to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The company is dedicated to build a maintenance-free living environment for the building’s occupants to enjoy all the benefits of safe, attractive and inviting homes. Within the company, CBS will strive to work as a cohesive, harmonious unit focused on exemplifying its mission. Just as customer satisfaction is an intricate part of its success, so is employee satisfaction, which will be an important key to successful growth.

CBS is built on organized divisions, with a multi-level system of checks and balances, enabling an efficiently managed, diversified enterprise. Our focus is on maintaining a high-quality, cohesive business entity with a commitment to sustainable growth of business and environmental sustainability.

Development of the CBS System

The CBS System is developed by a highly dedicated German engineer and inventor; Dipl.-Ing. Adolf Imhoff, our Chief Technical Officer, who had with a live-long goal to resolve the construction issues that he and other engineers encountered during building projects.

The starting point has been to make an overview of all challenges encountered by building engineers, architects, construction workers and real estate developers around the world. He also took into account the world’s climate conditions and other natural factors. The result was the development of a truly universal building system: A complete, environmentally friendly building solution to adhere to growing market demands. The CBS System not only drastically reduces production and building procedures but also enhances safe living conditions by creating cost-effective durable, solid buildings.

CBS’s competitive edge

CBS will start with a critical competitive edge; there are very few, if any, construction systems which offer the same level of quality and technological advancement as the CBS System. CBS will maintain competitive market prices: the product reflects very good value for money, reflective of the rapid advancements in environmentally friendly building technologies.


The vision of the CBS System is to be the most effective building system in the world, enabling rapid construction of environmentally friendly structures, made from a single building material, with structural elements manufactured in a CBS Factory.