All CBS building projects are initiated by using the specially developed CBS software. The CBS software accurately calculates and implements any building’s design; conform to the measurements of wall and ceiling elements of the architect’s design, generally, in as little as fifteen minutes.

The strength and thermal insulation values of the building are calculated by the CBS Software: Each time the width or density of the building elements or the distance between the steel carrying-beams is adjusted, the updated data is instantly displayed as well as the required amount- and cost of raw materials.

By implementing the location where the buildings will be situated, the CBS software provides all relevant local climatological data, such as; the maximum high and low temperatures, the hours of sunlight per day, extreme weather factors, salt- and humidity levels. This data is used to create a customized solution for any location on Earth.

The easy to use CBS software reduces elaborate planning phases with architects, building- and thermal engineers and other specialists to one single session. This centralized approach results in time savings and costs reduction while simultaneously eliminating all possibility for human error.