By using the CBS System the building shown below, consisting of three houses of 110m² living space each, is constructed within two 7 hour shifts.


Before installing the base plate, the ground is filled with a layer of gravel to drain off water from the foundation.

Base plate

The base plate is concreted locally. Stripe foundations, which usually support basic walls, are not necessary. If a cellar is required, it can either be constructed by conventional means or by using CBS elements.

Transporting the elements

Due to their lightness, compared to conventional materials, with every truck two to three times as many CBS elements can be transported. Elements are best transported in supporting frames (as shown above). Unloading the frame instantly leaves the lorry free to return to the factory for the next transport. Handling of the elements, also within the production area and on the building site, becomes much easier and faster. As a result; handling and transportation costs are minimized.

Putting the house together

To erect the house a crane is used to connect the walls, one by one, to the frame. To install a wall element, requires a crane and two people. The parts are easily fitted into the correct position. Supports ensure that the walls stay upright until the connections are put firmly into place. Ceiling, upper stories and the roof are fitted in much the same fashion. Apart from the crane, no other machinery is required at the building site. This saves both money and space.

Topping-out ceremony

Approximately 100m2 living space has been set up in two days. The topping-out ceremony is due. The shell already contains the heating system and tubes for easy installation of electricity and water.

Moving in

Until it is time to move in, some work still remains to be done. From this stage, same as with any other building, the required finishing work, like the installation of bathrooms and kitchen, has to take place.



Accor Hotel Complex Potsdamer Platz

(Suite Novotel, Ibis, Etap)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Total number of rooms in Hotel complex: 592

Total floor space: 24.598 m2²

Total volume: 71.366 m3³


Haus Marienburg Retirement home

(Haus Marienburg Oberhausen Alten- und Pflegeheim)

Location: Oberhausen, Germany

Total number of rooms and apartments in Retirement home: 81

Total floor space: 5.500 m2²

Total volume: 18.700 m3³