Environmentally friendly

  • CBS structures are environmentally friendly and can be completely recycled
  • The industrial manufacturing method allows for optimal use of raw materials and eliminates construction- and packaging waste at the construction sites
  • Due to the optimal inherent systematic structure, the CBS building system is beneficial, both to the environment, but also in terms of finance

Energy Efficient

  • Buildings made with the CBS building system are very energy efficient without any use for additional insulation aides
  • Even though CBS walls have outstanding thermal values, they can be embedded with state of the art climate control technology which uses the heat and transforms it to energy
  • Due to a large contingent of Air enclosed within, the CBS concrete does not absorb heat, making it a very effective insulating building material, especially useful in tropical and sub-tropical climates
  • Very good thermal conductivity values, which result in lower energy costs and eliminates the need for conventional air conditioning

High Tech

  • Systematic software driven building system
  • More than 70% of all construction processes take place at the CBS factory
  • CBS Lightweight concrete is up to 75% lighter than conventional concrete
  • Totally safe in use

Cost Effective

  • Inexpensive and fast-track construction process time
  • Buildings can be constructed at prices which are considerably less expensive in comparison with conventional construction methods
  • The efficient building procedures ensures low transport-, hoisting- and mounting costs


  • The use of this method allows for individual architectural freedom despite uniformly manufactured building elements
  • Construction on remote site locations with minimal mechanized aid


  • Fire resistance of 120 minutes
  • Heat-, noise-, frost- and moisture protection
  • Waterproof
  • Highly earthquake- and hurricane resistant: CBS buildings can be modified to withstand severe local conditions