The CBS System

Green, Industrial Building: The CBS System

CBS (Compound Building Systems International) houses are individually planned but industrially produced. Due to its high adaptability and compatibility, the system can be used for a huge range of applications from basic housing projects to very top drawer architecture. The CBS System provides a perfect combination of exterior aesthetics and durability and is especially suitable for the construction of houses and buildings with related requirements such as offices, hotels or schools. The CBS System is licensed by the German Institute for Constructional Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

The buildings consist of industrially produced wall-, ceiling- and roof elements which are delivered in modules to the building site ready to be assembled, with lock and key connections, in an efficient and quick manner with apparent ease. All CBS elements provide thermal- and sound insulation as well as fire- and corrosion protection and can be equipped with an integrated solar air conditioning cooling- and heating system. These building components are calculated by CBS CAD software before they are fabricated. Besides this, the exceptional ease of transport and installation distinguishes the CBS System from any other building system.